Shoper 9 POS

Shoper 9 POS Retail and Distributor

Shoper 9 POS is a versatile Point of Sale (POS) application which can manage all the operations at a retail outlet or at a distributor's place. The Shoper 9 POS application has two flavours – Retail and Distributor, which can be installed as required.

The Retail application is used in a store/showroom which sells products/services to walk-in customers. The Distributor application is used by warehouses/stockists which sell/despatch goods on wholesale basis to retailers. The fundamental framework of POS is common in these two flavours and many options are similar. The Retail flavour is tuned for cash and carry business processes while the Distributor flavour is tuned for packing/despatch/invoicing business processes.

There could be single stores, stores owned by a single business but selling different items or stores that are part of a large retail chain. Shoper 9 POS can be used in all these scenarios. All major operations of Purchase, Stock, Sales and Barcoding are supported. The master data can either be entered or imported from other sources. Sales promotional schemes and discounts can also be created.

When installed as part of a large network of stores, the centralised control of the POS application is achieved using a Shoper 9 HO application.

One of the main reasons for Shoper 9 POS’s popularity is its extremely responsive billing system. This function ensures a quick turnaround of customers at the billing counters. Additionally, the amount of data entry work is reduced by the use of text file import.

The Shoper 9 POS application has extensive reporting options that are useful to the store manager and the management. It has a comprehensive interface to send inventory information to Tally.ERP 9 for the purpose of generating accounting, inventory and statutory reports.