Sales Promotions

Sales Promotions and Discounts
In a retail business, managing and executing sales promotions is an important function for you to maximise your revenues. Sales promotion schemes bring you advantages like:

• Increase in sales and market share
• More awareness about your products
• Introduction of new products
• Improving your distribution network
• Disposal of non-moving or dead-stock

To implement sales promotions effectively you have to consider aspects like its definition monitoring and review.

Shoper 9 comes with a comprehensive and powerful option to help you manage and implement sales promotions in your business. You can define sales promotions based on a combination of attributes like validity period, specific item groups, customer specific schemes, etc. This option allows you to import scheme details in appropriate formats from external applications like MS Excel. You can operate different promotional schemes at a time and activate or deactivate sales promotions based on your business requirements.

In a retail chain, Shoper 9 enables you to define all sales promotions centrally at your head office and send the information to all stores. The sales promotion definition and management option is also available in Shoper 9 POS if you are functioning as a single store.

Whatever schemes you define, are fully integrated with the Shoper 9 billing option. The billing option allows you to select the best scheme to apply during sales billing.