Flow of Goods

Flow of Goods and Information

As a retail business you will have different entities interacting with each other in a cohesive manner. Your entities may include stores, distributors, vendors, factories, warehouses and your head office, all forming a supply chain network. All of them exchange information or materials between themselves. Shoper 9 provides you with a flexible framework to manage this information and material flow between various entities.

You can define business rules at your head office and send them to your entities to ensure visibility and control of your operations.

Shoper 9 has a provision, wherein you can geographically categorise your business entities. You can categorise in order of country, zone, state and city and finally to the store levels based on the business requirements. You can define statutory, mailing and operations information for each of these entities.

You can also define data communication modes and interfaces for the purposes of data exchanges between them.

Other information that you can share with your entities include stock related data, price groups information, sales promotions, statutory information, price revisions, etc. by defining them centrally in your head office. Additionally, you can define and send printing templates, label templates for barcodes and formats for purchase orders to be transferred to your entities.