Catalogue Management


Shoper 9 Retail Solutions suite is designed to manage large volumes of data. To achieve this, Shoper 9 uses different masters/ catalogues comprising of data and appropriate business rule definitions.

Catalogues are used to store all the relevant data that is used as reference.

The product related masters store all information related to the items being handled. Details pertaining to each SKU and the item classification information related to different combinations of item hierarchy like Product/ Brand/ Style/ Shade/ Size are also stored in masters.

In the case of Shoper 9 POS, discounts and schemes, tax details, currencies that are allowed at the POS, vendors, customers, sales persons, etc. are catalogued independently.

In the case of Shoper 9 HO, information related to retail outlets, vendors, showrooms, geographical locations of the distributors, etc. are catalogued. HO allows cataloguing of various schemes and discounting rules that need to be applied across the chain apart from the tax details and the currencies that can be used for transactions at each outlet. Once catalogued centrally, it can be distributed across the network. The information regarding all the stores in the business group is catalogued at HO, which takes care of restrictions on Goods Inwards and Outwards from each location. For each activity, the configurations used to set up the required environment for that particular business is also catalogued for reference. All data communication details like back end data import, data synchronisation and Tally posting are stored in their corresponding masters. The scheduling of data communication activities are taken care of by different scheduler catalogues.